I'm a mediocre procrastinating disillusioned perfectionist with delusions of grandeur. I like ukulele, food, photography and social media marketing. My favourite colour is yellow.

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themed by Cherrie H.

if you're a bird, i'm a bird

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So, this is the first song I ever wrote. Pretty much. Besides nonsensical songs as a small child of course… 

I remember waking up one morning in Melbourne, the day the Performing BUMS were about to make their first appearance, at the inaugural Melbourne Ukulele Festival. I woke up about 5/6am to a melody in my head. It was a miserable cold February morning, as I sat on the motel room porch and scribbled down words, trying to play and sing loudly enough to work out what I wanted but quietly enough not to wake my roommate. 

And, this is that song. Recorded last night, on a whim, because I figured I’d like it to be heard. I wanted to remind myself what it was like to be 2 months engaged and away from my sweetheart, reminiscing over the beginning of our relationship that, already, feels like so long ago… 

Lovestruck :)

Chords: C B7 G#7 Am throughout


My eyes look up and they’ve caught a glance
Eyes so green I’ll never stand a chance
I’ve been struck by you, yes I’m struck by you

Now I’m floating, feels like I’m melting
A candle’s forming and it burns for you
Maybe was made for you

My mind is full of the words you say
So distracted how to get through the day
I am so in to you, just so in to you

And now I’m holding my breath in
and unfolding the texts you send
Don’t worry I’ll wait for you, yes I’ll for you


You kissed under a starlit sky
My head is gone it’s just a perfect night
I think I might love you, I think I might love you…  

20th Dec 2011 (10:07 am) - By kiwafruit


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