I'm a mediocre procrastinating disillusioned perfectionist with delusions of grandeur. I like ukulele, food, photography and social media marketing. My favourite colour is yellow.

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if you're a bird, i'm a bird

Today is Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand, but I don’t get to see my Dad today being in Brisbane. 

So, I thought I’d record a video of the song I wrote earlier this year (as part of FAWM) with him in mind. This is what I imagine it’s kind of like being the father of girls… 

My Koro (Maori for Grandad) used to grow orchids in the front room of his house. 

To my Daddy, my uncles, my grandads (of which I’m lucky enough to have 4) and all the fathers who make their daughters and sons feel loved and cherished every day, Happy Father’s Day :)

If you want the lyrics and chords, just let me know :)

2nd Sep 2012 (10:52 am) - By kiwafruit


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