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I'm a mediocre procrastinating disillusioned perfectionist with delusions of grandeur. I like ukulele, food, photography and social media marketing. My favourite colour is yellow.

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Ukuleles are good conversation starters

I love the random conversations with security staff when you take a ukulele on the plane.

Today I flew back home to Wellington, New Zealand for friend’s wedding and sister’s 21st birthday. Here’s a snippet from one interaction with x-ray guard as he put my luggage through:

"Is that a good ukulele?"
“Yep, it’s pretty good. My baby*”
“are you any good?”
“Yeh, I’m alright. Play a few gigs in Brisbane, played at some festivals, you know”
“Nice. Have a good night.”

If I was single, I reckon I could milk this for a lot more…

*This is the first trip for Sakura, my new Koyama uke. She’s very excited. Her hard case was less stress-inducing than Mabel’s soft gig-bag. This has been noted for future travel.