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I'm a mediocre procrastinating disillusioned perfectionist with delusions of grandeur. I like ukulele, food, photography and social media marketing. My favourite colour is yellow.

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themed by Cherrie H.

if you're a bird, i'm a bird

Source: carolinescapuchin.bandcamp.com

Listening to For What? by Caroline’s Capuchin. One of the guys from the band is Karl Evans, who I spent the weekend with making crazy music and chilling by the beach. Top top man and an amazing musician. 

20th Nov 2012 (7:20 pm) - By kiwafruit

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This week’s music obsession: Gatecrasher and their DJs. Last few weeks were all about jazz and Ella Fitzgerald. Now, I’m thinking about making dance/trance/house music so trying to learn some of the tricks and nuances. What better way than to absorb it while I work. Also, it tends to be short on vocals so easy to work to. I was listening to the the Gatecrasher podcast while out walking this morning, and Michael Woods was the guest DJ (30 mins of his mix at the end). So he’s the first person I’m listening to… 

8th Oct 2012 (9:13 am) - By kiwafruit


Full stream of the new Jake Shimabukuo album Grand Ukulele.


That man is all kinds of talent amazing… I’ve played this on repeat while I work all day long. Amazeballs. 

3rd Oct 2012 (3:36 pm) - Reblogged from Uke Hunt cont...

searching for a muse in a coffee cup
background babble too much for thought
i keep circling the truth without seeing it
edging through a crowd of formless hints

Muse - thewhiskeyarchive

Today’s working brought to you by the fabulous “thewhiskeyarchive”. You can buy their debut EPs over at thewhiskeyarchive.bandcamp.com - Dooooo it… 

I’m not biased at all. Nope. Not me, no siree… 

You know where you’ll find me
With an old record on, singing along
In the sunshine, in the sunshine, in the sunshi-i-ine
- A B & the Sea make the dreary grey foggy morning (after a late night) sunny and happy and bright.
Check them out for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7mVeiYCy5c

More music suggestions needed

I have so much reading to do. I need more music, and therefore seeking music suggestions.
So far, key qualities include consistent-ish volume and pattern, vocals mixed near the back so I’m less distracted by lyrics, but not instrumentals.
Good bands so far this week include Metric and Mark Dabney, and the earlier of Manitoba Hal’s albums.
What have you got for me internets?

You don’t know, so come on and listen
You don’t know what is you’re missing
I got some mighty good love
and not bad hugging and kissing

Mojo Webb. That man makes me swoon so bad… 

Find him on the internets

30th Jul 2012 (11:30 am) - By kiwafruit

Turn out the lights, let’s go dancing
We’ll create the perfect night
In old Toronto, folks don’t know
What to do without the light
Well, I’d hold you closer than I’m supposed to
And we’ll go dancing through the night
- Swooning a little to the beautiful music by Manitoba Hal, one of my finds and friends from Cairns Ukulele Festival. Buy his album online. Right now.

I tell you to name your price
I’d sell my soul but you pay no mind
I call your bluff but you call me out

I’ll be forever wasting my time
I’ll be forever wasting my time on you


Oooooh yeah. Listening to the new album by Mark Dabney, from The Really Good Pot Roast, “New Thing”. Oh, the irony that this song comes up as I’m entering sales leads into CRM…

Love your work, M?!

You rock.

I’ll shut up and carry on, the scream becomes a yawn
- Metric - “Dreams so real”, from the album Syntetica.

27th Jul 2012 (10:12 am) - By kiwafruit