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I'm a mediocre procrastinating disillusioned perfectionist with delusions of grandeur. I like ukulele, food, photography and social media marketing. My favourite colour is yellow.

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I’ll write myself happy

Sometimes it’s easy to let my head write whatever songs takes its (and/or my muse’s) fancy. The last few songs (which pretty much made up the Love Story demo EP) were like that - a story or an idea flitted through my mind and I worked it into a song. 

Then I decided they were a bit melancholy and I wanted to write happier songs. That was a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a bit difficult. 

Yesterday I got started on one about what it feels like to write music. I have to move past the 3rd verse to get it finished, but that is unlikely to happen today. 

Today, I’ve almost finished a new happier song. It’s a bit raunchy actually, which isn’t something I usually write about… I just need to decide if it needs lyrics in the bridge or an instrumental solo of some kind… Maybe I’ll ask new bandmate/friend Toby Straton to write one for me? 

With FAWM coming, I wanted to get into practice of just writing and finishing different topics and styles, rather than relying on the muse to direct. 

29th Jan 2012 (12:43 pm) - By kiwafruit